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At the moment this diocese comes directly under the Patriarch.  Ordinary ad tempus +Adrian.

Monsignor Lisandro Caffaratto
Monsignor Lisandro CaffarattoMons. Lisandro leads the O Iglesia Vetero-Catolica (Old Catholic Apostolic Church Argentina). Before his appointment to this role, Mons. Lisandro served in the All Souls Metropolitan Parish in the UK. He has travelled widely and brings the Gospel and Succession to those that need it.
Msgr. Lisandro is Vicar General for Argentina, acting on behalf of the Patriarch and setting up the church there. He is based in Santa Fe. More about Msgr. Lisandro here

Padre Santiago Zamora
Padre Santiago ZamoraFr. Santiago lives and serves in Cartagena, Murcia, Columbia. Working a busy and active ministry; and running a prayer blog he is a prolific and caring priest. Fr Santiago says: 'God is crazy about you. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning. When you want to talk ... He listens to you. You can live anywhere in the universe, He will hear your heart.'

Padre Santiago's blog: http://padre-santiago.blogspot.co.uk


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Padres Veteros Catolicos Do BrasilPadres Veteros Católicos Do Brasil
We are the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil and we are in need of committed people who desire to be traditional religious Priests in Brazil, in the liberal charism.

We invite enquiries from suitable people of all levels to serve in our Diocese of South America & Mexico. Please email your enquiries to liberalcatholicsuk@gmail.com