Old Catholic Apostolic Church

OCAC Dioceses, UK

The UK was the 'home ground' of OCAC worldwide and hosts the Patriarch and the legal 'seat' of the church. The whole of the UK is covered by six dioceses which roughly equate to the ancient kingdoms before the Roman period. Are you interested in joining our church? Information for enquirers is here.  
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Diocese of Dumnonia & Wessex
South England, including London and Kent. Bishop Ordinary: +Adrian.  

St Michaels, Poole. Priest in Charge:    Bishop Adrian.
        Street Pastor: Revd. Amma Elaine Glover
Prayertree, an online prayer group. Leader:    Mike Young RSStS
St Pauls, Gloucester. Minor Cleric:    Peter Abraham
St Michaels Pastoral Visiting Team. Acolyte:    Val Hollier
All Souls Metropolitan Parish. London. Includes:
        South East London & Kent. Priest in charge: Revd. John Hudson-Beddows
        South London: Emma Fleming.
        South West London & Surrey: Vincent Nyambee
OCAC Community Mission, in Dumnonia & Wessex: contact Bishop Adrian.

Diocese of Dynod & Wledig
Wales. Bishop: ad tempus, +Adrian.
Apostolic Mission, Pen-y-groes. Fr Rob Shepherd

Diocese of Fortriu & Dalriada
Scotland. Ordinary: ad tempus,+Bridget

St Margarets, Dumfries. Parish Priest:    Revd. Amma Carol Ann Searle
OCAC Community Mission, in Fortriu & Dalriada, administered by St Margarets.

Diocese of Mercia & Anglia
Midlands and Central England with East Anglia. Ordinary ad tempus: The Very Revd. Fr Rob Shepherd VG

Parish of The Holy Family, Crewe. Parish Priest: The Very Revd. Fr Rob Shepherd.
Parish of St Mary Magdelene, Nottingham.  Interregnum.
OCAC on Merseyside. Vacant
OCAC in Nuneaton. Vacant.
OCAC in Greater Manchester; Revd. Fr. Marien Bemi
OCAC in Huddersfield, Revd Richard Watterston & Sr Josephine. (Our lady of the Rosary).
OCAC in Felixstowe: minor cleric Rufus Ulrik.
OCAC Community Mission, in Mercia & Anglia, see Fr Rob Shepherd.

Diocese of Northumbria & Rheged
North England, including Cumbria and the Isle of Man.
Ordinary: +Bridget

The Ark, Newcastle. Parish Priest:    Bishop Bridget Wilson Hall
OCAC in West Yorkshire: Fr John Bulksas
OCAC in Rotherham: vacant
OCAC in South Yorkshire: Revd. Amma Margaret Watson
OCAC in Doncaster:  Revd. John Watson
OCAC in Leeds & Bradford: Revd. Fr. Kevin Ratcliffe
OCAC in Blackpool and Lancashire: Fr Anthony Cornelius, & Revd Amma Helen Steival
OCAC Community Mission, in Northumbria & Rheged, administered by The Ark.

Diocese of Ulaid & Ui Neill
Northern Ireland. Bishop: Vacant, ad tempus, +Adrian
Visiting priest. Fr Cornelius (Fr Cornelius visits Ulster as required).
St Anthony's, Antrim. Doorkeeper. Patrick Loughlin. 

Diocese of Dairina & Connaucht
Is part of the Diocese of Europe, and covers Eire.
Dr Tim McMahon has a connection to both UK & Eire.