Old Catholic Apostolic Church

St Catherine's Seminary

Dean: Rt Revd. Bridget Wilson-Hall.
Professor: Kryzsztof Bilinski - Wroclaw, Poland.

Those studying to become clergy in our church undertake formation training with a mentor and take part in distance study. Our educational and training programs are called 'St Catherine's Seminary'. The study is thorough yet manageable and provides a strong basis for sacramental ministry in a mission setting. It is tailored to part-time and non-stipendary serving, and there is no cost to our candidates. OCAC makes no claim to connection with any other seminary and training under this program is internal for OCAC clergy only. It is university quality, and is delivered by a well renowned professor of theology who lectures at Wroclaw University.

Candidates with existing recognised qualifications can be given credits for existing work or experience leading to exemptions where relevant for certain candidates. Please ask the Dean.

Potential candidates, including those not yet part of OCAC, please enquire here: liberalcatholicsuk@gmail.com

The Cross Denominational Mission, also has a training scheme and several practical assignments which help with clergy formations. Here's some more resource from CDM:

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Duties and Roles of those in Holy Orders

Pastors training program
Duties for CDM Pastors in OCAC
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