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Dr. Tim McMahon
Dr Tim McMahonTim is a retired university lecturer now living in a rural part of Eire. Serving by offering his academic skills to OCAC Tim is working on his formation to what he describes as a 'Contemplative Priesthood'. Having a BA in American Studies from the University of Kent, UK alongside his MA in Education from the University of Sussex, UK he also holds a PGCE from the University of London and Phd from Anglia Polytechnic, UK.  Contributing to our seminary program 'The Sacred Heart of Jesus' and to the advancement of our people in formation, he is a valuable part of OCAC's team.  He is our contact point for the Diocese of Dairina & Connaucht - our Irish representation.

Living and serving in a rural part of the 'Emerald Isle', a contemplative priesthood means prayerful reflection whilst celebrating the sacraments for all who ask for them. Tim's wife is a Eucharistic Minister in another church and we rejoice at another ecumenical connection.

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