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Bishop Adrian - somewhere in London!OCAC's efforts to boost our serving and outreach in London have been started by Bishop Adrian recently on a visit to London. We have a number of enquirers within the capital and this is our 'seed' church to grow these people together. We have traditionally had a strong connection in the capital, and only recently due to retirement and leaving have clerical gaps to fill. I ask your prayers that God may send suitable christians to help us in this work.  Are you looking for a 'liberal' or undogmatic liturgical but modern congregation to join? We'd like to grow one around you! If you know someone; or if it is you: please get in touch.

Bishop Adrian was consecrated in London, first came into contact with Liberal and free catholicism there, and regularly visits.  Br Tony lives and serves in South London, and Fr Richard is within commuting distance.  We have connections with Golders Green, South London, Tower Hill, Putney and Victoria.

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