Old Catholic Apostolic Church
Revd Joe NyabutoRevd. Joe Nyabuto - PastorPastor Joe's Congregation in Kenya
We felt that the Lord had been speaking through His Holy Spirit in our hearts to start a Church. So we started a local church in 2002 as an autonomous church and the Lord brought many souls into God’s Kingdom through our preaching.  After two years we opened another church about 50 miles away from the main church.    God had been good to us and faithful: He moved in a mighty way into this young ministry. God spoke to me also to connect with 'Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church' and to come under their covering and to become an outreach church.

At this time one of our local congregations do fellowship under the shade of trees and the other  in a rented building. We are committed to follow Jesus Christ's teachings by evangelizing to: men, women, youths and children into houses and visiting the sick in the hospitals. We have a special place in our hearts concerning the orphans in Kenya. Currently we have 10 orphans under our church care program. These orphans are placed in the homes of people in our church congregations, and the cost of their care is covered by Pastor Joe’s family and from the generous support of his church congregations and also from well wishers.Pastor Joe's Congregation in Kenya

We really have a passion for the lost; we have a force burning in our hearts, which seize us a power that moves us beyond ordinary human activity. We have a heart surrender and we have the seal of God to be used by God in His ministry: we will be going border to border, town to town, village to village, planting many local churches under Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church in Kenya and reach many to God’s Kingdom and to challenge the people of God to fully experience God’s passion for hundreds, even thousands who are waiting to hear that they are loved by God.
Peace and blessings of God be with you always.  Revd. Joe.

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