Old Catholic Apostolic Church


Communion and Mass service orders
often used
A Service of Holy Communion - a simple communion service less 'catholic' than a mass
The Short Mass - a simple quick mass good for a general congregation
The Mass  - a longer, more ornate mass

less often used
The Mass of the Mother - a mass which expresses the mother
The Eastern Rite Mass - an oriental mass
A Traditional Mass, arranged by Bishop David
Traditional LC (Cooper's) Mass - a historic mass order famous in Liberal Catholic churches

Pastoral Service Orders
The Sacrament of Baptism  - suitable for all ages
Naming Ceremony  - an informal service for less religious families
The Confirmation Service - the rite of confirmation for those baptised to profess faith as their own
Prayers before the service - some general prayers for use before worship
Prayers of Thanksgiving
A Funeral Service - suitable for burials or cremations

Ecclesial Services
The Blessing of Altarware or Regalia - for commissioning the altar
The Blessing of Holy Water  - for priests to create Holy Water
The Blessing of Church Bells - for the commissioning of bells
The Blessing of Holy Oils  - for bishops to consecrate Chrism and oils for the sick and catecumens
Consecration of Altar Jewels - for the adornment of altars

Ordinations and Admission:
Oath of Allegiance (for clergy)
The Admission into Minor Orders
Ordination of Doorkeepers
Ordination of Readers
Ordination of Exorcist (minor order)            
Ordination of Acolyte
The Ordination of a Pastor  - a minister not in the Apostolic Succession
The Ordination of Sub-Deacons                    
The Ordination of a Deacon  
The Ordination of a Priest   
Appointment to Vicar General or Episcopal Vicar                                             
The Consecration of a Bishop            
Seasonal Services    
Ash Wednesday Service   
Maundy (Holy) Thursday    
'Good' Friday    
 Easter Saturday Service of Light  
Roles and duties
Duties and Roles of those in Minor Orders
Working through the Minor Orders
Duties and Roles of those in Holy Orders
Duties for CDM Pastors in OCAC

These are document file templates for Baptismal and Ordination Certificates etc. They are for use by OCAC clergy to complete and print off for services they perform. Permission is expressly denied for their use by others because to deceive others by pretending to be part of OCAC is dishonest - and we can check. The files can be editted by most wordprocessing programs.

Certificate of Baptism
Certficate of Confirmation
Certificate of Marriage Vows (not a legal certificate of solemnisation)
Certificate of Minor Orders
Certificate of Ordination

The St Catherine's Seminary is the learning resource of OCAC.