Old Catholic Apostolic Church
OCAC South Africa

Very Revd. Albert Majozi, VG OCAC South AfricaOCAC South Africa (also known as OCAC RSA) is the Old Catholic Apostolic Church at work in the Republic of South Africa. This work covers mission in the townships along with church based clergy and faithful in South Africa. Some of the clergy incardinated from the African Orthodox Church. As in many African Nations, OCAC's work is one of outreach & mission yet all the while bringing the structure of Old Catholic worship and Mass to the wider population.

Our work in South Africa is led by The Very Revd. Albert Mthanjiswa Majozi, who is Bishop-elect and comes directly under the Patriarch for the time being.

Other Clergy in OCAC South Africa are:

The Very Reverend Wellington Mbuleo Setenane The Very Reverend Wellington Mbuleo Setenane - Bishop Elect of Eastern Cape Province, St James the Elder parish. 

Nkosiphendule Mgangxwana LusikisikiLay Minister Nkosiphendule Mgangxwana Lusikisiki Eastern Cape RSA Diocese of Christ the Redeemer

Lisolikayise Nyembenya UmthathaDeacon Reverend Lisolikayise Nyembenya Umthatha RSA Diocese of Christ the Redeemer.

Youth President and Preacher Miss Mbalenhle Mnyani Province of KwaZulu Natal

Reverend Fr Cyril Lindani Ncanana KZN Provibce RSA St. Martin De Pores

Revd. Fr. William MashabaRev Fr William Mashaba KZN Province St. Dominic RSA

Sub Deacon Mr Yandisa Possa

Sub Deacon Mr Aphiwe Lumkwana

Evangelist Mr Size Zwayi

Lay Minister Cosman  Somi